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She needed a hero, so that's what she became.

Revered as much for her fierce spirit as she is for her art, Frida Kahlo is an icon for daring creativity. The book What Would Frida Do? explores her life while it imparts lessons and insight that anyone can use to guide their own path. Tucked inside the "stuff I want to manifest" envelope is a paint palette charm and instructions on how to manifest your own unapologetic passion and creativity like Frida! 

And a pair of big, bold, hand-crafted earrings make this box complete. 

This box supports a female author, 2 women-owned small businesses

What Would Frida Do?

    • What Would Frida Do? book
    • Stuff I want to manifest charm and instructions
    • Blue hand-crafted earrings
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard optional
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