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Our Goal Is To Make A Difference


Welcome to Nside the Box!  We are an artisan based gifting business specializing in ready to ship gifts. We take the stress out of gifting and put the heart back in it. We are committed to making your gift-giving process easy, thoughtful, and memorable through carefully selected products that are expertly curated, and flawlessly packaged.

We are very thoughtful about our product choices, we want the products to be useful and add value to a person's life whether it's a gift that inspires them to try something new or one that supports the interests they already have. Gifting is all about connection. It's the way we express gratitude, the way we celebrate achievements, the way we celebrate milestones, and the way we show we care for one another. We make it easy for you to celebrate all of life's moments big and small. Every gift is an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life.

Our Mission

To connect people and create meaningful moments and maximize our benefit to society through gifting.

The Short Story

The idea for this company comes from a love of gifting and knowing A LOT of very creative people.

Founder and CVO Pam Neff decided to combine the two and create an easy way for people to give unique gifts that are as special, as the people they're being given to. For 15 years she operated a gallery space and noticed that most people were buying gifts. They would walk around and try to cobble together a group of things that would be meaningful and appreciated in an effort to create an "experience". She realized that there was another way to showcase these products and support communities both financially and socially. In 2018 set out to make it happen by starting Nside the box. 

"I love connecting with people and hearing the stories behind their business - the reasons they started a business in the first place. I'm inspired by fellow artists and want to share their talents and missions with as many people as possible. There is such a joy in the discovery process  and it is their talents that make for truly unique gifts!" 



Every gift is an opportunity to make a difference.

     We make a conscious effort to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize our benefit to society. We are thoughtful in our efforts by:

  • Sourcing supplies from companies that include charitable contributions in their business model.

  • Beauty products that are natural, eco-friendly, and vegan.

  • Exclusive artwork that supports local and global artists.

  • Products made by people with differing abilities.

  • Products that are sustainably and ethically made.

  • Being inclusive in our staff as well as companies we partner with

  • Using gift boxes are intended to be reused.

  • Using packaging products that are recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Donating to local charities 

  • Providing bio's and product information, when available, because it matters how the products are made and whom they empower.

  • Sourcing products from small businesses and individual makers.

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