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Our Goal Is To Make A Difference

Here at Nside the Box we are committed to making your gift giving process easy, thoughtful and memorable. We created a streamlined shopping experience through carefully selected products based around interests or occasions and have packaged them beautifully.  

We prefer to build mutually beneficial relationships with small business and artisans to help showcase their amazing products to a broader audience. We source items that are useful and add artistic value to our customers' lives and that are contributing to making a positive change.

All of these things come together to form a meaningful and beautifully presented gift that will be remembered.

You're making a difference by giving a gift.

You will make someone feel loved and appreciated - that's what gifts do.

Our gift boxes are designed to give back. Each box contains products that supports various organizations and charities that are making a positive change.

We would like to thank you for choosing to be a part of a community of people inspired to make the world a better place through giving.

We make it easy for you to give a thoughtful and unique gift, that also gives back.

  • We include bio's and product information, when available, because it matters how the products are made and who they empower.

  • Supplies are sourced from companies that include charitable contributions in their business model.

  • Beauty products that are eco-friendly and vegan.

  • Exclusive art work that supports local and global artists.

  • Housewares that are made by people with developmental disabilities.

  • Products that are sustainably and ethically made. 

Mailing Address

4786 Dressler RD. NW

Canton,Ohio 44718

Are you an artist or a maker? Do you have a product you think we should see?

Shoot us an email with your contact info, we would love to see what you have to offer!