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"May your journey flow like smooth graphite across good paper"

Bringing together two of the best! Blackwing pencils and a Denik sketchbook. Not only are they two of the most recognizable names in the creative culture they are also synonymous with quality, and craftsmanship.

Bring sketches to life with this hardcover, vegan leather, sketchbook. The look and feel of the cover and heavyweight paper is amazing! (like buttah)

 The Blackwing Starting Point Set is the perfect way to introduce the artist or maker in your life to Blackwing. These pencils are coveted! This is not just a set of pencils, this is a culture and one that many artists aspire to be a part of. 



*A portion of your purchase goes to building schools and to the artist who designed this product. Showing people that art can change the world.

* Blackwing pencil set -  A portion of the sales from all Blackwing products benefit the Blackwing Foundation, which funds and develops arts and music education at the K-12 level. Your purchase helps provide, among other things, the instruction, learning environment, and instruments children need to participate in the Little Kids’ Rock Modern Band Program.



Sketchbook Artwork by: Katrina Houskeeper

Follow more of her work

Instagram: @khousdesign

Artists Favorite

    • Denik sketchbook 
    • 4 Blackwing pencils with a range of Soft, Balanced, Firm and Extra-firm graphite
    • 2 Point Guards that keep your pencil from breaking on the go
    • 1 Black Long Point Sharpener that uses a two-step process to first sharpen the wood before precision sharpening the graphite
    • 2 packs of our Replacement Erasers to ensure your pencil is always functional
    • Wooden Manikan figure
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional
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