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Crazy Ideas

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Talk about crazy ideas...

First, I need to tell you that these sketchbooks feel so nice. Like buttah! They lay flat when open, which is a big deal and the weight of the paper is nice and heavy.

The idea for Denik brand began when the founder was told that one of his drawings would make an awesome notebook cover. #lightbulbmoment From that comment he built a brand around creative, cause-based notebooks and set out to make a change. He and his friends started designing and binding notebooks and selling them wherever they could set up a table. And with each notebook sold, a portion of the proceeds was set aside to fund the building of a school in Mali. Africa. That was 8 years ago.

They continue to prove that art can change the world by continuing to help fund education projects worldwide and by paying the artists that create the cover designs. By pursuing creativity, you are making an impact.


Social good

Made in the USA

The Mission

Funding education projects through art and creativity

The Philosophy

Art can change the world

5 Fun Facts

  1. they have funded 5 schools in 8 years

  2. the founder was told not to pursue art as a career

  3. they can customize a notebook with your own artwork

  4. the artists that design the covers are actually paid for the work

  5. when they first started they would set up a table at parties, concerts, farmers markets, and the likes

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