Look at that gorgeous mug! Many men prefer the rich lather of shave soap as opposed to shaving creams or gels.  This mug soap generates a rich and foamy lather that helps protect the skin from irritation by improving razor glide. Made by hand in small batches by a barber (Locust+Ash), this shave soap will outlast a normal can of shaving cream and leave you feeling silky smooth.

Follow up with Gin and Tonic aftershave also made by Locust+Ash. This healing brew of botanicals will tone your skin after shaving, tighten pores and dry the skin with a brisk, clean scent. Soothes razor burn and helps prevent razor bumps as well. 

Complete with soap mug and brush! 

Good Clean Start Shave Kit

    • Shaving soap
    • Soap mug
    • Shaving brush
    • Gin & tonic aftershave
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional

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