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Cuddle up with a warm mug of tea and a good book. This gift contains that and more!


The classic novel Emma was first published in 1815 by Jane Austen. Her writing stands out for its comedy, self-awareness, and realistic, detailed portrayals of characters and their relationships. This was a new way of writing back then. (kind of like reality TV...only 1815 style) 

Jane Austen's writing has inspired many including Simpson & Vail tea company that created a tea in her honor. This black tea blend with an undertone of vanilla, warm lavender, and cooling mint will make you feel like you're waiting for Mr. George Knightley himself. Also included in this gift set is a mug (the updated version of a teacup), and a boxed set tea service that is truly stately with its teabag tongs, a stainless steel stirring spoon, and a wooden honey dipper. (pinky up) Enjoy!

*Supports 2 women-owned businesses

Quiet Time-Emma

    •  Emma the novel by Jane Austen
    • The literary tea collection - Jane Austen
    • Mug
    • Teabag tongs
    • Stir spoon
    • Honey dipper
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional
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