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OH SNAP!  Best Gift Everrrr for the camera enthusiast!  This box is loaded with fun! You don't have to be a professional photographer to appreciate it.


 Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs book is full of practical advice that teaches you how to take photographs using professional techniques and encourages readers to try new ideas.

 Sunprint paper is a way to take pictures without a camera and watch the developing process! Fun for all ages. Next in the box is a crystal ball, not for fortune-telling (although...?), but for some trick shooting where you can get really awesome effects!  The next amazing thing Nside this box is a vintage-looking camera that is really a pencil sharpener! It's just awesome!  For shutterbugs of all ages!



Picture Perfect Box

SKU: ppb101
    • Photography book -Read This If You Want To Take Great Pictures
    • Vintage camera pencil sharpener
    • Sunprint paper
    • Crystal ball
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional
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