Nature-based care to help you thrive!

This gift is packed with gifts to heal your skin, relax your mind, and satisfy your palete. 

The Apiary candle blends soy and naturally honey-scented beeswax with herbs and a hint of floral notes. The healing honey body oil is a unique blend of oils that will soothe and quench parched skin. The Honey recipe book goes deep into the hive, revealing honey's vast potential. From cocktails to popcorn, caramel to pickles, these recipes solidify honey's rightful place as a pantry staple.  And to round out the gift box a hand-printed tea towel to soak up the goodness.

Healing Honey Gift Box

    • Healing honey body oil
    • Apiary candle
    • Honey recipe book
    • Hand-printed tea towel
    • Keepsake gift box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional