*All of the items in this box were made by women.

This gift box has a lot to say and those sentiments can be worn proudly with the gloriously stunning stainless steel necklace that reads "A woman's place is everywhere" or the casual button pins that provide a bit of snark.

Also in this gift set is a deck of "Wonder Women" cards, a game played like go-fish but also educational as it reveals 44 of the most inspirational women of all time and places them into groups including aviation, sports, activism, art, science, and fashion.

And finally, Suffragette Kitty Wish Paper rounds out this box.   Remember wishing on a star? Flying Wish Paper is a unique way to make a special wish – and it doesn’t require a clear night sky. It's like indoor fireworks! First, you write your wish on the special Flying Wish Paper. Next, crumple the paper, smooth it back out and shape it into a tube and set it on the wish platform card. Then you light the top edge of the paper and watch it burn. At the last moment, your wish lifts off the platform and rises up, up, up...then gently floats down again, completely cooled. It can be whimsical or formal, ceremonial or private - but it's always inspirational.

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“Feminism is the radical notion that women are human beings.”  ― Cheris Kramarae

Gifts For Feminists