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Remember wishing on a star? Flying Wish Paper is a unique way to make a special wish – and it doesn’t require a clear night sky. It's like indoor fireworks!

Here’s how it works. First, you write your wish on the special Flying Wish Paper. Next, crumple the paper, smooth it back out and shape it into a tube and set it on the wish platform card. Then you light the top edge of the paper and watch it burn. At the last moment, your wish lifts off the platform and rises up, up , up...then gently floats down again, completely cooled. It can be whimsical or formal, ceremonial or private - but it's always inspirational.

Choose your favorite package image - they all work the same, only the outside is different. 

Flying Wish Paper

SKU: WP303
  • Like blowing the whispy seeds from a dandelion - only a lot more dramatic! Simply write your wish on the wish paper, roll it into a tube, place it on the wish platform and light the top edge. As your wish burns, the ashes will float away!  

    This is a great party favor for a friends and family gathering. A unique gift for the recent grad. A thoughtful gift for a couple of newlyweds.  A celebratory moment for someone who just received their last round of chemo. An encouraging gift for the starry-eyed optimist who wants to change the world one wish at a time.

    The kit contains 15 sheets of Flying Wish Paper, 5 platfroms, pencil and instructions. Best used as an Indoor product.

    Hand made 


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