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What's all the buzz about? This gift set, that's what! ...for the love of pollination.


Gift includes- Bee Bottle to pollinate your neighborhood! There are around 140 varieties of mason bees native to North America, these bees do not produce honey and do not defend a hive so stinging very rarely happens. They build their nests in gaps, cracks, and other small cavities that is why they love nesting in the Bee bottle! One mason bee can pollinate what would be comparable to around 100 honeybees. (That's impressive!) Also included is a wonderful mix of twenty varieties of flowers noted for their beauty and ability to attract honeybees. And just for good measure, we included a sting stick - an easy remedy in case someone gets stung.

*Supports 2 woman-owned small business


Buzz About Gift Set

    • Bee bottle - a home for bees that do not produce honey
    • Flower seeds - 20 varieties
    • Sting stick 
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional 
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