This isn't just about beer as a drink - this is about beer as a lifestyle. 

- A hand crafted bottle opener. The unique feature on this opener is the high powered magnet that catches the bottle caps! Genius! (not Guinness)

- Beer soap. A handcrafted original from Just Bubbly soap company. Smells great! 

- Beer socks! The great thing about these socks is that it's all about the packaging. You get a nice pair of black socks to wear without the kitch.

- 2 Bags of beer flavored pretzels to amaze your taste buds and ensure thirst.

- 33 Bottles of Beer journal for writing down your new favorite at the local brewery.

- A  Weizen glass. Which is designed for and primarily used for wheat beers. The curved lip at the top of the glass helps trap and encourage a thick foam head, allowing you to appreciate the full aroma and flavor that comes along with wheat beers. (now you know)

- Set of coasters with beer related quotes, to save the wood and make you laugh.

-All artfully packaged in a keepsake box.

The Ultimate Beer Lovers Box

    • Handmade wall mount bottle opener
    • Beer soap - smells good - not like beer
    • Beer socks
    • 33 bottles of beer journal
    • Beer glass
    • Beer pretzels
    • Coasters - about beer
    • Keepsake box
    • Handwritten notecard - optional


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