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There's nothing quite as daunting as a blank page.

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Am I right? It doesn't matter if you are writing or drawing, a blank page can make you seize up! Your mind goes blank, your eyes start darting around looking for inspiration, you start to sweat (just a little) or maybe that's just me. Anyway, regardless of your physical reaction, a blank page is intimidating.

Here we have this lovely Drawing a day notepad. It's a perfect 5"x8" size, it has 140 pages and metallic edges so it looks very cool wherever you decide to leave it but I don't want anyone to be intimidated by it! I want people to embrace it! I want people to have a sense of accomplishment. I want people to take pride in the work that they've done and the progress they've made. I want people to make a badass collage out of the pages!

So, I decided to make a list of prompts so that no one has to suffer the paralysis of thinking up what to draw.

Before I go into list mode, let me suggest committing to making a collage with 30 of the pages - one a day for a month. If you think this is an idea you could get behind, then maybe you could draw the most significant thing about your day. And that could be anything! Breakfast, a basketball game, a gift, new shoes, a flat tire, a nap...whatever you think. It becomes your story, your visual journal - you don't have to share it with the world unless you want to.

30 Drawing Prompts to help you get started.

  • coffee

  • leaves

  • a creature

  • smoke

  • superhero

  • underwear

  • a bottle

  • a coat

  • pencil

  • zombie

  • fruit

  • ghost

  • knife

  • sandwich

  • box

  • pie

  • hardware

  • pumpkin

  • shoe

  • skeleton

  • cat

  • jetpack

  • dragon

  • phone

  • a lantern

  • map

  • candy

  • monument

  • popcorn

  • a shield

That's 30! I would love to see what you come up with! Share with us on Instagram @


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