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It's a scientific fact that giving to others can actually make a person happier than spending the same amount of money on themselves. Nside the Box was founded on that same principle and the feedback we get from customers validates this every day.

However, finding the perfect gift can be HARD. Especially when it comes to the gift exchange at work and you draw the name of someone you've seen twice and couldn't have guessed their last name even if there was a prize in it for you!

Well, lucky for you we know a thing or two about gifting and we love to share, so here are some tips to help you out and keep the stress levels low(er).

1-Make it personal. So think about the things that person is interested in. Even if they seemingly have no hobbies, what shows are they binging on Netflix? Maybe they're a Marvelous Mrs. Masel fan? Get them a box of macaroons, a red notebook and something from the Revlon counter. ( That may be a future Nside the box gift.) Make a list if you have to of the things that they are interested in and you will most likely find a theme.

Take a peek at their Amazon wish list, they'll be so surprised when they get something they really wanted without even asking!

2-Think about the past. Depending on the age of the person, you may be able to find some very interesting "retro" candy, music, clothes or some other bit of nostalgia. What about a Gameboy color or some other Nintendo inspired gift? (or Sailor Moon or Pokemon) That's something that was part of their childhood and they would enjoy that gift! For the older generation, frame some vintage family photos.

3-What do they need? It can be a lot of fun to put together a "care package" of sorts. For the college student or even older adults on a fixed income you could fill a big bag with toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, soap, batteries, mac n cheese, candy - you get the idea. But think about it, you will be saving them time and money. (The dollar store is a great place to stock up on cleaning products and snacks for this type of gift.)

4-Make it an experience. This could be a new experience, like zip-lining, or tickets to a concert or production that they would enjoy. Is there a local food tour in your area? Or a beer tour? Escape room? These are also gifts you can enjoy together. You could also make it a learning experience by paying for ukulele lessons or buying them a Master Class. They can choose whatever they want to learn about. (It is awesome.)

5-Make it. This one always gets a big eye roll and lots of excuses! So stop already with the "I'm not creative", "I can't even draw a stick figure", "no one would want anything I made", blah blah blah - stop it. Because here's the thing, you are creative, you don't have to draw and yes they most certainly would like a thoughtful gift made specifically for them. What if you made them rootbeer and homemade ice cream? Add a couple of mugs to that and whaaat? That's a cool gift! (google rootbeer making kit for supplies)

What if you gave them a batch of homemade cookies and made a coupon that said "cookie of the month club" and once a month you made and delivered them cookies? You could make it for 3-6-12 months, however ambitious you feel.

What if you made a video (on your phone even) of a museum tour or an artist at work (like a glassblower) or some other place that you know that they would like to go but can't. Virtual excursions.

What if you got an old tire and some heavy-duty rope and made a swing for a tree?

What if you prepared meals and froze them? This is perfect for the busy professionals, all they have to do is heat it up and it's a home-cooked meal!

Okay, you get the idea. The point is, you can make something that someone would want and use. We are all creative, we just have different strengths.

Hopefully, this was helpful. If you want even more know where to find us. HERE

Enjoy the moments!

we are all unique

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