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30 Journaling Prompts

A journal is a place for recording your day to day happenings and science continually shows the benefits of putting pen to paper. When we physically write things down we reduce distractions which, in turn, leads to greater productivity, retention of information, creativity, and self-discipline. Plus, research consistently shows that twenty minutes of daily expressive writing promotes emotional, physical, and psychological healing. With everything going on right now you have likely been presented with new challenges and journaling is one of the easiest ways to cope. We've compiled 30 writing prompts because sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. So grab a notebook and your favorite pen, pencil or crayon and get going! You'll feel better!

  1. My favorite food lately

  2. Something that always relaxes me

  3. Five people who deserve a thank you

  4. Something new I’d like to try

  5. My best memory from last year

  6. A chance I took and never have regretted

  7. My favorite thing about my neighborhood

  8. How I provide value every day

  9. I’m saving up for

  10. I feel like my greatest purpose is

  11. Something that surprised me today

  12. Something about me that others don’t know

  13. My biggest time waster

  14. Something that makes me feel brave

  15. Somewhere I’d like to be now

  16. My mood today

  17. My superpower

  18. Something that is annoying to me

  19. Someone in my life who’s wiser than me

  20. Someone who was kind to me recently

  21. What makes me feel confident

  22. Something I’d do if I had more time

  23. Three things I admire about myself

  24. Something I love about this time of year

  25. Something I want to remind myself of

  26. Something on my to-do list I’m excited about

  27. Something healthy I want to do for myself

  28. Something I created recently

  29. Someone I wish I could communicate better with

  30. An experience that’s made me a better person

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